Disruptive Leaders On-Demand Programme

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An overview of the programme (webinar)

Our unique virtual training programme delivered by Lucy Adams and Karen Moran will give you all the practical knowledge and skills to be a brilliant leader!

You’re in control. Learn in your own time and at your own pace and wherever you are in the world. Blitz it in a week, spread it over a year or do it with your peers. Whatever works for you.

In this short introductory episode, we’ll give you an overview of the Programme.

The programme will:

  • Increase your leadership skills and knowledge
  • Inspire you by learning about what other leaders are doing
  • Give you practical tips and support to introduce fresh and progressive leadership practices

The programme is ideal for anyone who manages people and is keen to understand the very latest thinking in leadership and wants practical and common sense solutions to get the best from their team.

The programme is not size, industry or sector specific. For example, we have leaders from tech startups, the public sector, to large global manufacturing, professional services, pharmaceutical, engineering and retail organisations. The content is pitched so that everyone, no matter how much leadership experience they have or where they work, can take fresh ideas that they can apply in their role.

We have designed the programme for those who prefer to learn in a more structured way and/or for organisations who want to use the programme for leadership team development.

What does the programme include?

  • 12 recorded webinars in 5 Series
    • You and your Skills
    • Hiring and new starters
    • Building performance and developing careers
    • Engaging and motivating your team
    • Managing change
  • Links to supporting content already on the Disruptive Leaders platform 
  • Optional activities and practical assignments you complete as an individual or with your peers to apply the ideas and help embed your new insights, plus a Programme Workbook.
  • A facilitator’s Guide which complements the Programme Workbook, designed for HR/L&D teams steering a group of leaders through the programme. It’s filled with insightful tips and exercises to encourage your leaders to think innovatively, apply their learnings, and gain from exchanging experiences with peers.