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Series 3: Building performance and developing careers

Episode 3: Developing careers

There are countless benefits to supporting your team’s career growth, but the top one? Keeping your talent right where they are. When our people feel appreciated and see chances to grow and move up, they’re less likely to jump ship. We look at how you can increase employee engagement, job satisfaction and loyalty by helping your people develop their careers.

What we’ll cover:

  • Why career development matters
  • Career development trends
  • Practical ways you can help
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  • Remember, lack of career development opportunities is the number one reason people leave
  • Encourage an ‘always learning’ mindset in your team and to lead their own career
  • Look for career development experiences like informal mentoring or job shadowing
  • Have regular career conversations with each of your team
  • Meet up with your peers to “talk talent”  


Having a career conversation

Think about the specific challenges that hold you back from having career conversations with your team members. For example, you don’t want to raise expectations, you don’t want to lose your best people, or you simply feel you’re not a career expert. How can you overcome these challenges?

You’ll find tips and conversation starters in the ‘Conversations Toolkit’ for leaders.

Capture your learnings in your Programme workbook.

Looking for some conversation starters to help you have a ‘Talking Talent’ session? Flip the card to see some suggestions.

1. Do we know our teams’ career aspirations as well as we should? Have we asked them?

2. Who thinks they have a flight risk in their team? Let’s talk about what we could do?

3. Are we being diverse in our thinking? Talk about someone that isn’t normally front of mind?

4. Are we taking enough risks? Are we giving people a chance to try out a new role even if they’re not quite ready?


How you can support an ‘always learning’ culture

Here are some tips to help you build capabilities, skills, and an ‘always learning’ culture for your team.

How to have a great ‘talking talent’ session

A ‘Talking Talent’ session is a great way to replace the 9-box grid exercise as it’s aimed at having great conversations rather than following a process.

Career experiences in a flat structure

Here’s a look at how you can provide alternatives to vertical career progression in a flat organisational structure while keeping your people engaged.

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