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Series 3: Building performance and developing careers

Episode 1: Getting the best from individuals

Even if you’re stuck with annual appraisals in your organisation and can’t do much about it, it’s still important to know why it doesn’t work well in today’s disrupted world and acknowledge that there are things you can do to help you improve the performance of your team members.

What we’ll cover:

  • Why annual appraisals don’t work
  • A new approach to performance management 
  • Two types of performance conversations  
    • Check-in’s
    • Difficult conversations
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  • Even if you can’t change the way your company does appraisals, you can still use the tips and advice we’ve given you, right alongside your company’s existing approach
  • Performance management is not an annual process 
  • Have regular check-ins with your team – let them own/lead the agenda
  • Nip poor performance in the bud! 
  • Try out a few conversation starters from our “Conversations Toolkit


Having a check-in

Take a moment to think about our tips on how to check-in with your team effectively. Which parts do you think might be tough? Maybe it’s making sure everyone does their part, squeezing these chats into your busy schedule, changing your style for different team members, or acting like a performance coach.

Consider what specific challenges you might face and how you could get around them.

Don’t forget to check out the additional exercises in your Programme workbook.


  • They are short, can happen anywhere and are informal
  • You don’t need to keep records unless you or your team member wants to
  • Listen more than you speak
  • Encourage your team to take accountability of their performance  – they ask for the check-in and set the agenda
  • Everyone in your team will need a different level of support, so ask them how often they would like to meet
  • New starters in your team will probably need extra check-in’s to help them settle in.

Looking for some conversation starters to help you have a check-in conversation? Flip the card to see some suggestions.

1. What are you working on and how can I help?

2. How happy do you feel about things right now in general?

3. Let’s chat about your progress against the outcomes we agreed on last time we met

4. What goals/outcomes are you going to focus on over the next few weeks?


How to run check-ins with your team

Great people leaders do one thing regularly – they check-in with their people. We’ve got some tips and conversation starters to help you.

How to have that difficult conversation…

We look at why the ‘difficult conversation’ is important, what hinders you from having it and how to make it less painful with our tips and conversation starters.

A fresh approach to Performance Management

We’re here to help you move to a more modern and progressive approach to performance management.

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