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Series 1: You and your skills

Episode 1: Leading in a disrupted world

As leaders, if we are going to enable our people to be more agile, productive, collaborative and innovative then we need a fundamentally new way of leading them. 

We would like to introduce you to the EACH framework – “Employees as Adults, Consumers and Human beings”, to help you lead in ways that are more relevant and impactful.

What we’ll cover:

  • Leadership challenges in a disrupted world
  • An introduction to our unique model EACH© – Employees as Adults, Consumers and Human beings  
Download the slides from this Episode.


  • Organisational performance is enhanced by moving away from traditional parental, one-size-fits-all, processes.
  • You can create the conditions for your team to do their best work by:
    • Showing trust and offering flexibility
    • Encouraging them to own their performance and career
    • Obsess about getting to know them and what makes them tick
    • Having regular human conversations with and about your team  


Encourage your team to take charge of their careers

Have a think about some of the small but mighty things you can do to empower your people to own their career and development.

What two concrete actions can you take to make this a reality?

You’ll find other individual and peer reflection exercises in your Programme workbook.

Challenge your thinking to begin putting actual human behaviour at the heart of your leadership approach. Flip the card to see some suggestions.

1. I am comfortable being vulnerable and showing humility with my team.

2. I make sure we celebrate learning from mistakes as well as successes – if we’re not failing, we’re not innovating.

3. I don’t avoid difficult/honest conversations with my team.

4. I can admit to my team when I’ve made a mistake


Leading in a disrupted world

The new leadership trends that work in a more disrupted world; treating our employees as adults, consumers and human beings.

Help your team own their performance and career

Many organisations encourage employees to own their performance and careers rather than you having to do it. Find out how in this short video.

Leading differently with our unique EACH framework

Practical examples of how you can use the EACH Framework to help you lead in ways that are more relevant and impactful.

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