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Working from home/ flexibility post covid

Working from home/ flexibility post covid

Posted: 24th February 2021

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    Hi everyone

    I have recently joined a new company, it’s the first time they have dedicated HR resource but they are really passionate about supporting their people, hence my role!

    We have started to get questions around working from home once we are back in the office. I come from the background of, you can do your job anywhere as long as you have the technology and trust to support that, whatever your role might be.

    I sense my Managers are struggling with this, and with the operations and admin roles they feel it is necessary to have them in the office (Friday has always been a working from home day).

    I have started challenging this, in an appropriate and sensitive way, but I wanted to get a sense how flexible other companies are planning on being post covid and what are people’s thoughts on working from home.



    Hi Lucy and great question.  I am the HR Director of a law firm in central Scotland and like you my background is with organisations who do things differently in terms of WFH.

    I undetook a workplace survey to guage the feelings of staff about WFH, what they needed in terms of equipment, emotional/wellbeing support, what we were doing well/less well and what they wanted to see more and less of.  I also asked them to describe how they saw the interaction between home and office work in the ‘new world’ and gave them some options to choose from (to help us understand the impact on our estate and how to create a new way of working going forwards).

    I repeated this more recently and it is interesting to see how views have changed from, broadly, yes WFH is for me to mmm, I rather think I would like to come to the office more often.  So the importance of regularly checking in and testing out views is really important.

    I used the outturn of the survey to feed back to the partnership (our version of the leadership team) to have a discussion around what this meant for us, the impacts on the re-shaping of the world of work and hat it needed to look and feel like.

    The legal profession is hugely conservative but they also like evidence (that is their job) and so when presented with evidence of how people want to work the objection around WFH as a way of working was largely dealt with and we turned to looking at what we needed to build in order to have ‘a great place to work’ one of the strategic pillars of our people strategy.

    I hope this helps in some way and good luck.  It is hard being the first HR resource in a team (I did that way back) but believe in yourself and keep asking lots f questions and you will get there!


    Great advice from Martin – couldn’t have put it better!

    You might want to have a look at designing some flex working principles that come out of your employee feedback to aid your discussions with the managers on what the approach might look like.   An example from one of our clients here  – trust me, they had quite a few meetings to get EVERY senior leader to sign up to them, but now everyone is really excited about post covid working.

    There are also some examples of what other orgs are doing in our webinar on New approaches to the workplace 

    Good luck!


    and this resource of a session you could run with leaders also might help a bit further down the line




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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