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Working Abroad Perk/Policy

Working Abroad Perk/Policy

Posted: 16th September 2021

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    Hi fellow HR heros…

    Has anyone had success in implementing a ‘work from abroad’ policy/principle within their organisation e.g. work abroad for a month? (We are a global company with teams based across UK, USA & Singapore).

    In particular, I’ve recently seen the rise of organisations introducing perks such as-Gousto, who’ve introduced ‘Nomadic working’ where employees can work from abroad for up to one month a year. Or Sky Scanner who offer colleagues to work from any country for 4 weeks a year! Recognise there must be a sweet spot at the 1 month/4 week mark to keep compliant!

    Would be great to connect with anyone who’s implemented a similar policy/perk as appreciate there must be tax, employment law, liability and insurance headaches aplenty, but so worth it if we could offer this flexibility to our teams! Happy to share any documents or insights on other topics in return 🙂



    Would love to hear examples of this too! We’re getting lots of requests and employees not understanding why we’re being so strict ie. requests having to be fully vetted by our global mobility team, while their perception is that other company’s are letting employees do it without question.


    In  my old company, up to a month was fine as there didn’t seem to be any issues from a tax/ compliance perspective.

    Anything over this needed to be properly vetted.

    Have you had any situations were up to a month wasn’t ok?

    I am comfortable with up to a month for this reason (old company had a lot of advice to ensure compliance)…

    I hope that helps..


    Yes, we’ve had recent examples where UK citizens (so non EU) have asked to work abroad, for example in Spain for a week and been advised that they weren’t able to without a work permit. I know pre Brexit these requests were a lot easier but it feels like we’re being advised that there isn’t a generic approach that can be taken without potential risk?


    We’re planning to introduce something similar. I saw that TUI introduced this for their staff – Maybe worth a connection?


    Thanks Karl, will look into TUI. Would be keen to connect with anyone else who has a draft policy or principles they can share as well.


    Hi All,

    I hope you are well.

    My current company will be implementing such policy as of Jan2022 and employees will be able to spend up to 2 months per year working from another country. All requests, even short periods, must be analysed and approved by our HR, Tax, and Legal teams, considering safety, security, privacy and local regulations (it’s my understanding that these matters should be discussed with internal or external advisors before any proposal). Any personal matters like permission to be in the country, personal tax, health insurance, etc are considered employees’ responsibility.

    Other companies I know are or will be implementing similar policies are Revolut (up to 60 days) and GoCardless (up to 90 days).

    I hope the above helps =)


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    Hi all,

    Has anyone had anymore progress on this topic? We at NOTHS are looking to implement a similar policy, but have had such conflicting advice on it. I’ve just reached out to a bunch of connections, so happy to share what we find/come across (and ultimately design), but if anyone has any updates, that would be fab!


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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