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Which HR processes have you scrapped in an attempt to be more agile?

Which HR processes have you scrapped in an attempt to be more agile?

Posted: 2nd February 2022

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      Hello, would love to know which processes people have scrapped in the journey to becoming more process light/agile. Obviously most of us have moved on from annual appraisal etc.. but I’m curious about the other processes.

      For example, return to works – are others having managers still meet and fill out paperwork for every single absence?

      Any feedback on the smaller ways of becoming more efficient, trusting managers more?


        Hi Lorna,

        One thing we have moved on in the last 12 months relates to objectives/goals setting and performance. We had a very bureaucratic, HR driven approach to capturing goals within our HR System. Admin heavy at the start and end of the year, time consuming, felt HR driven and didn’t give the agility and adaptability needed in our business.

        We turned that module off in our HR System and created a  goals/performance ‘framework’ that enabled managers and individuals to capture, own and amend goals dynamically throughout the year and in a way that works for them, using tools that work for them (Online OKR trackers, quite sophisticated software that they used in their day to day, right down to simple Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint, Word docs) whatever they were comfortable with. This has enabled people to have a much shorter-term view of their deliverables and means they don’t have to ‘change’ goals part way through the year, they work quarter to quarter and break the quarter down into monthly, weekly, maybe even daily outcomes. Meaningful conversations between managers and their people keep it alive and individuals taking ownership of their own destiny. All very transparent and dynamic, each individual should know how their performance is tracking at any point in the year.

        We call it the ACT framework – Ambitions, Conversations, Take Charge


          Top down things like succession planning, senior management development training.

          Things that don’t really help/work like probation periods, overly formal records of performance meetings.

          Stuff which impeeds transparency like too many elements in an individuals reward package, taking away secrecy as the default for information, data, processes etc.


            Thanks both – apologies I missed notification of these replies!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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