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Where to start D&I

Where to start D&I

Posted: 5th August 2020

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      Hi all,

      We have nothing to see, hear or feel on our approach to D&I so I was thinkng that a good place to start might be colleague focus groups. This would also help bring together colleagues from various parts of our business. I have looked at the resources and toolkit which look great. I’m seeking guidance on how to engage people with the very idea of focus groups. How do I get people to be involved? The intital objective would be to capture current experiences but I’m struggling with the positioning and marketing of the idea. Our culture and past colleague groups are partly why I need think differently but I need to start somewhere.
      Thank you in advance.


        Hi Louise,

        Sounds like a great idea.

        There are some great examples in this resource about how other organisations have launched focus groups/conversations which should give you some ideas.

        If it comes from the ground up it’s even better than just being another HR initiative so perhaps you could start with a pulse survey saying you want to get D&I conversations going and what would people like to discuss?

        It’s also very important that your senior leaders lead/facilitate so that everyone knows that they believe it matters.

        Maybe you could like Nielson, pick a D&I theme  (e.g. race), and then create online resources to raise awareness and perhaps like Standard Chartered Bank did get an external speaker to kick off the event and then break into group discussions.  I love the way eBay positioned their focus groups on an opportunity to understand each other better rather than a training session.

        Hope that’s helpful.

        Best wishes



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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