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What can we replace the competency framework with?

What can we replace the competency framework with?

Posted: 14th October 2021

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      I’m interested to know more about how people are managing the discarding of the traditional career paths framework.

      I really like the theory of basing growth now on a monkey bar approach rather than a straight up ladder but I’m worried about how it actually plays out in reality. Although I completely get the limitations, personally I found the structure of paths and grades helpful for both myself and managers in providing some structure to thoughts.

      How do you start to facilitate those discussions with line managers? Is there any structure that we can introduce us to help streamline thoughts rather than just completely freeform?

      Should we still have any kind of competency framework showing skill levels for roles? How can we be transparent and fair about what a Marketing Manager role level requires v a CMO for example?

      I have a group of relatively new line managers in a start up and I’m not sure if, in all of this discussion, this is actually a good thing (no past preconceptions!) or a challenge (they require a lot of support and prefer structured guidance).

      I would be so grateful for any thoughts, comments or steers!


        there is a good older feed on this Lorna – I love what Neil says



          Hi Lorna,

          To add to Karen’s message above, attached is a screenshot for a new piece of software I have just launched in our company. The screenshot shows what I describe in my message – the ability to see all current roles in the company and to build my own unique career path in line with the company grade structure. In the screenshot, I am looking to make a lateral move first, then vertical (horizontal) up to my end career goal/role of Chief People Officer.

          Our plan is to upskill the managers in career conversation with staff using this tool. All roles are available and transparent for all staff to see and you can see how much of a match you are to the roles you want to make as part of your career path.

          The big challenge here I can see will be getting managers to think about talent holistically for the benefits of the entire company (as staff can and should move across departments) and not be worried about them ‘losing’ staff to another part of the business.Build Your Own Career Path



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            Hi Neil, this this looks interesting- what software are you using? Is it part of your HRIS system?


              Hi Loretta,

              It is a separate system to our HRIS (BambooHR). It is called Competency Core by a Canadian company called HRSG. We have an API that links it to our BambooHR system.



            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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