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What are the metrics that we should use for HR now?

What are the metrics that we should use for HR now?

Posted: 13th October 2021

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      Hi…this may have been covered before but I’m not long here!

      So, I know that the progressive view is that traditional metrics like absence monitoring etc… are no longer the best measures of how our People function is performing but what do we use as a measure of our success instead? I’m anticipating our Board asking me some tricky questions and would like to know how others approach this.

      Very grateful for any input – thank you : )


        Hi Lorna – welcome!!! 🙂 Depends on what your people function does/ how it is structured/ whats important to the business, but a starter for 10….

        customer experience e.g. what was the experience like for new recruits in terms of your attraction/ talent team?

        client experience e.g. ask the business for feedback on the value being added by People function to longer term thinking/ building the capability of leaders/ teams etc

        how agile/ user-friendly are people approaches?

        and then shift number metrics into impact metrics, so it may not be ‘did I have a good induction’ but ‘to what degree did the onboarding impact on me being able to contribute to my new role/ understand the expectations on me/ values/ company culture….’


          Thanks so much Dawn – that is really, really helpful and I’ll start to think in those terms of how I can measure success in a more progressive way.

          Thank you!


            Hi Lorna,  Everything Dawn said!  I’d also add your Glassdoor rating (now and goal for future) and perhaps go for a big overall measurement like Employee Net Promoter Score? So for example “[number] of our people would recommend our organisation as a place to work”.  You can measure where you’re at now with a quick survey “on a scale of zero to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend this organisation as a place to work” and then give yourself a key result to increase it.  There are then so many actions that everyone (not just HR!) can be responsible for delivering or get involved e.g. leadership development, recognition, career development, employee experience etc..

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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