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Wellbeing Champions

Wellbeing Champions

Posted: 29th March 2021

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      Hi, we have recruited 6 internal employee wellbeing champions and I just wondered if anyone else had wellbeing champs/MHFA’s and how you run these meetings/set up the programme etc.



        Hi Heather


        At Revolution Beauty we have ‘ wellbeing warriors’ .  These are in addition to our EAP.

        We then created two charters one the warriors and then one for all of our colleagues which is publish on internal channels. We made a document with all of the warriors faces so people can identify them easily. We created a rota to show who is available and when ( as we’re global) we then asked each warrior to get some air time in team meetings so everyone had time with a warrior. They talked to people about the charter and how warriors can help anyone in our team and when. We have had lots of mentions in our global business update calls, held by our Founders and Directors. The warriors post on our internal comms channels bi weekly (tips and tricks) then we meet bi monthly to check in.  Additionally, we meet quarterly with our EAP to upskill and talk about trends or concerns.  For us its making sure our leaders & line managers are talking about our warriors at every opportunity, say in team meetings or in regular check ins – We also created a logo so whenever something goes out from the warriors people know who is behind it. I hope that helps!!



          Hi, I think these are both great initiatives. At the start of the pandemic we introduced Emotional Wellbeing Champions at Nuffield Health. The champions have been supported with a 2 day Mental Health First Care training course and a series of communications and posters/bulletins and relevant topics to share with their teams. We now have a network of 260 champions across the business. Every month we host a discussion webinar to give updates, share experiences and offer further learning around something relevant e.g. grief and loss, sleep or stress. The purpose of the champions was to support our employees during the pandemic however we are now taking this further and offering a shorter course and programme of support for some of our customer facing employees too.

          In terms of setting this up, we asked our sites to nominate at least one individual with the capacity, skill and interest in offering their support and then invited them to a webinar to understand the roles and responsibilities. Following training there is an assessment process to check understanding and then we continue the learning as above with the monthly input. We also have a Microsoft teams channel for updates or for queries where members of the support team are accessible as well as the full list of champions available and other self hep material on our ‘Healthy Work hub’. Just to add, we are extremely lucky that we have our own internal Emotional Wellbeing experts who are able to deliver the ongoing training and support.  It is a great initiative, the employees have taken great value from it and continue to do so, I am hopeful we have been able to help many of our team throughout the challenging 12 months. Good luck with your roll out.


            We are a Housing Association and have 6 MHFAs.  We have launched through a webinar, poster and various ongoing mentions/events including updates at management meetings. The MHFAs represent the whole business and we have developed both a charter for what we can offer on a individual basis  and they also support me with a Wellbeing Programme for the year – so for example we have supported various national initiatives such as Time to Talk and Children’s Mental Health Week, World Sleep Day, and will support  Mental Health Awareness Week, Men’s Health Week etc providing resources and raising awareness.  I’m the L&D Manager and lead on wellbeing and at the moment we are meeting fortnightly as  we have had a lot of information to pull together, but that will change.

            Staff can also contact MHFA’s directly through an e-mail link.

            One of the things that has gone down particularly well is the creation of a number of virtual support groups on Workplace which can aid wellbeing – for example a gardening group – to share top tips; a running group  and a book group; anyone can set up a support group but the gardening group has been a great way to engage our male staff and has been championed by one of our MHFAs.

            We have also run ‘live’ webinars on different topics of  Mental Health with an external speaker which our MHFAs support

            As an organisation we have done a lot to upskill managers more generally on mental health and wellbeing so the MHFAs are a wider resource for staff.

            We also have an EAP

            Good luck!


              Hi Heather,

              At Westminster City Council we have Wellbeing Pioneers. Our wellbeing movement started in May 2019 and we now have approx. 70 Wellbeing Pioneers. The Wellbeing Pioneers group is a multi-disciplinary group, with representation from all directorates and areas within the organisation. When we were first starting out, we ran a few Wellbeing Champions training sessions; these were a day long and delivered by New Leaf Health (happy to supply contact details, if you would find this helpful then please feel free to email me directly:


              We tried to keep the role very loose as this aligns with the ‘Everyone is a Leader’ pillar of our Westminster Way of working; and this is also a voluntary role on top of the Wellbeing Pioneers’ day-to-day responsibilities. Following some feedback where the Wellbeing Pioneers felt they would like a bit more direction, we created a document entitled ‘The Pioneers Purpose & Information Pack’. This document outlines the role of the Wellbeing Pioneer and sets the expectations of them.

              We meet for 50 minutes once a month to provide updates, share knowledge and plan initiatives for major health and wellbeing awareness campaigns.

              In November 2020 we started to train MHFAs, and we have trained 4 cohorts so far. We are quite new on the MHFA journey so nothing to report on that front yet.

              I hope this helps!


                Thank you so much to all of you, what a great help this has been.  Lots of useful tips and ideas for me here. You are doing amazing things.  I love this and thank you for sharing with me.





                  Would you be happy to  share your charter for the wellbeing Warriors with me?





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