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Volunteering leave

Volunteering leave

Posted: 20th March 2021

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      Slightly off traditional HR here, but does anyone have any examples of companies that do volunteering leave really well – i.e: they go above and beyond allowing employees time off to support company brand charity partnerships to allowing employees time off to support initiatives that are well outside of any obvious associations with the company.

      For example community initiatives such as foodbanks, creating green spaces for inner city community areas, environmental issues, but where there is no obvious link with what the company does, or any association with company.

      I’m especially interested in time off for political (such as protests) or religious community activities as these can be especially delicate.


        Hi Kate, we allow all employees a day off for Volunteering work. We have never had a massive uptake, maybe 5-6 requests per year, and never anything for political reasons.


          We are looking to put something together in relation to Volunteering days too. So I would be interested in this too.


            Hi everyone, we give colleagues 3 paid days per year to complete volunteering activity.  Colleagues have to log the time that they spend volunteering as well as what they volunteered for.  We’re a cooperative so community volunteering is in our DNA but I can definitely recommend it as a benefit that attracts great people.


              We give everyone 2 days volunteer leave per year.  It can be for any registered charity, it doesn’t need to be linked to the organisation.  We ask that people share their experience on our internal social media but it’s not obligatory.

              In our FAQs we deal with the question of the line manager not agreeing morally with the charity and advise that’s not an acceptable reason for declining the request, as long as it’s a registered charity the individual can volunteer, so I guess that would cover religious charities.  I would question whether attendance at a protest is volunteering activity though, even if you are attending with a group from a charity.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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