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To work in the office, or to work from home, that is the question!?

To work in the office, or to work from home, that is the question!?

Posted: 6th April 2021

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    I work for a charity, (The Outward Bound Trust), with 300 employees, many of whom are needed on a specific site to deliver our ‘mission to give young people adventures in the wild!

    We are struggling with how to navigate the return to the office, particularly as most of our employees, hold positions that couldn’t be done from home e.g. an instructor.

    There is a view that if we offer WFH, it is unfair to those who can’t work from home e.g. it’s alright for you in Head office!

    Anyone else have this issue? What decisions have you made, with regards to WFH? how have you navigated any perceived unfairness?

    Personally, I am very pro hybrid working, but we are quite old fashioned as an organisation, (which I am new to)

    Any thoughts or sharing of stories would be really helpful. Many thanks



    We have (up to a point) similar situations. Our point of view is that we should not ‘punish’ the people who can work from home because not everyone can. The deciding factor is the role you have. If the role allows you to work from home, you can do that (but not 100%, we still believe in the value of interactions in the office). If your role does not allow that (eg a receptionist), you should come to the office. To be brutal: or look for another job…


    we are discussing this week about how to return to the office and as HR manager am pro Hybrid working.  Best for staff attracting talent etc. Business needs to change the way we think about working and working environments. Yes there will be staff that are not able to work from home due to circumstances however with some creative thinking I am sure that most office based roles that have not been furlough can wfh. I would be very interested to see what others are doing and how they are planning. Etc etc.


    Hi there,

    We are looking at a hybrid model too and we have discussed what that looks like across the business as we also have people who have a  role that requires them to be on site.

    We are taking the view that that is just how it is and our employees are grown-ups who will understand that their role will determine how they can work.  It is role driven not person driven and that should help with the conversations.

    We are also helped by the fact that our site based roles have been back on site since April last year so we are not trying to return people onto site who should be there.

    Hope that helps

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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