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The Check-IN

The Check-IN

Posted: 18th March 2022

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      Hi All

      Love being part of this community.

      We are currently revamping our People processes and I am struggling with the term check-in.

      I want it to be driven by the individual and their agenda, but the term makes it feel like they are being checked rather than exploring things they need, whatever they are.

      Does anyone have any “cool” terms that they call the check-in?



        Music to our ears Michael! I don’t mind check-in as at least we know what it means and it’s got to be better than review or some acronym!  I’ve heard of clients calling it Connect or Touch-base (Gap)  Perhaps you could get a cool competition going internally to suggest the name with a prize attached.  Might be a great marketing angle to get people talking about the new approach?


          Thanks Karen.

          We went with check-in to keep things simple.  But we designed a framework for conversations……

          After much discussion we  called the framework “Lets talk, Lets listen”.

          The check-in held directly under this. Then 3 headings the fall under that.  these are named:

          My Missions (Typically known as goals)

          My Calling (My Career)

          Building me, the super hero (Strengths, Purpose, Self-awareness/management).

          Under each of these heading, we linked lots of the types of meetings that may occur.  But we don’t force any.  We just ask out teams to think about the three headings of Missions, Career, Building me.


            Love it!!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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