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Team Conflict

Team Conflict

Posted: 28th May 2021

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      Hi – I’m looking for some pointers on dealing with cross-functional team conflict. We use Agile methodology within our Software Development teams which means we have ‘squads’ made up of different functional team members – in one of the teams there is some underlying tension, we’re not sure yet if it’s down to individuals clashing or disagreements on the actual work. If anyone has any suggestions on good approaches to get the team to gel better and become more effective, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks


        Hi Siobhan, if you aren’t using these already, try getting the team to write their own social contract. Not saying it is perfect but at least if it’s written by the team and they hold themselves accountable it’s a good foundation for any discussion where actions fall short of the agreement.

        Best of luck




          Hi Siobhan, we do an expectation setting exercise that works really well.  It sets the tone of how teams or individuals work together and gives people some clear direction.  It’s worked for us in a similar situation.

          Good luck,


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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