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Soft skills training for people managers

Soft skills training for people managers

Posted: 11th November 2021

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      One of our people managers (first time managing a team) is brilliant at problem solving for her team and giving feedback but really lacks the softer people skills needed. She is really trying but its coming across quite forced with her team.

      Wondering if there are any courses or training resources out there for her to develop these soft skills?

      I’ve found some on creating psychological safety but I do wonder how many of these are actually useful (most resources I’ve found just use it as an opportunity to sell you their various HR platforms). Looking for something that will really help her.


        I have worked with this company and would recommend them for developing leadership skills at all levels:


          The line manager competency questionnaire on the HSE website is a really helpful set of questions to get someone to reflect on their management style, and then maybe to seek coaching or mentoring to help develop the areas that come through as weaker in their assessment.  There’s a PDF or an interactive version. Line Manager Competency Indicator Tool (  Not a course as such, but a useful self-assessment tool and quite educative.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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