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Setting performance expectations

Setting performance expectations

Posted: 8th March 2021

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    We have recently moved to an informal ‘check in’ approach for managing performance and are also looking at defining “what good looks like” for our key roles – based on a typical day, week, month in the life of. We see this as critical to setting clear performance expectations with our colleagues, for managers then to provide feedback and drive best performance.

    Its a pretty big task as we have a diverse range of businesses and I wondered if anyone has been through a similar exercise of defining those expectations, and if so, what route did you take, what worked well/less well, what was the outcome and what benefits have been realised as a result?



    Hi Rachel

    We have also just moved to an ‘informal’ approach and am also keen to create something that helps to define ‘what good looks like’ without it becoming an industry in itself eg not wanting to replacing one process with another!

    We’re about to embark on a review of our Job Descriptions, to make them simpler, more about accountabilities/responsibilities/purpose and less about tasks.  We’re also looking to define the core competencies which are relevant to similar roles and to ensure they are aligned but not the same.

    I’d also be keen to hear what else is out there that might help!




    We removed performance management last year and are just coming to the end of our first year without it. We moved to informal, more frequent check ins, and implemented team objectives and key results. This spread responsibility, although only one person was responsible per key result; it improved cross functional working; removed hierarchies as it meant everyone played in their spaces – why try to be a goalkeeper if you’re an amazing goal scorer (that’s the extent of my football knowledge!). It’s not been plain sailing; some people struggled with out yearly, 5 sentence objectives and a number based performance rating. But the majority went with it, so we focused on them.

    We are now looking at removing accountabilities from JDs and focusing on having OKRs instead.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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