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Senior Leader Recruitment

Senior Leader Recruitment

Posted: 8th March 2021

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      I’m looking for some fresh thoughts on senior leadership recruitment – well, interview process specifically. What stages have you included? Any great interview questions to share?

      The roles are c.£90k, large people responsibility, it’s a customer environment, we’re looking for someone who takes a disruptive approach and challenges the status quo. We have some large scale transformation planned which will require them to be creative and challenging in their thinking, not just deliver operationally.

      Thank you


        Hey Natalie,

        Not sure where you are in the recruitment process already, but how about setting out a scenario of what they will face in real life, and ask 3/5 questions which draw out the competencies you seek for the role; ask for a one page CV which reflects what they believe is necessary for the role to be successful. Your obvious candidates should stand out!


          Hi Natalie

          We do a 360 interview for senior leadership roles – so 3 interviews which are line manager, peer and team. The peers can be from the same team or across the org depending on the role. We don’t include every team member as it’s just not possible. The peer and team are usually half an hour each, the line manager more in-depth. It gives everyone buy in to the process.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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