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Reward and Recognition

Reward and Recognition

Posted: 8th September 2020

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      Hi Lucy, Karen and Disruptive HR Club!

      We are considering introducing a promotion gift for anyone who is promoted in 2021 and beyond as a means of boosting our efforts in reward and recognition. All promotees already receive a pay increase, bonus and we have usually had an in-office celebration. This year, we made the celebration virtual via a message from our CEO and building a virtual “wall” on our Intranet page to showcase our new promotees and their new “level”.

      Some of us – myself included – wonder if a promotion gift (value to be determined) does anything to boost morale, engagement or retention especially if the gift is not customized to the individual.

      If anyone has any experience or insight on this, or is open to a conversation, I would be very interested and appreciative.



        I guess it depends on what the gift might be – have you got any ideas?

        For it to have the most impact then it would need to mean something to the individual and their personal circumstance / interests.


          Hi Chris,


          Well done on trying to go above and beyond on recognising your employees! If they are already getting a pay rise, bonus, message from your CEO and are being recognised on a virtual wall on your intranet- that’s plenty right there. The monetary worth of any further gift might hold less value considering all the other stuff you are already doing. So to make it meaningful it probably needs to be personalised. However, you could still do small things which will have a big impact on how they feel. Some examples below:

          • Write a custom post on LinkedIn to congratulate and celebrate that employee
          • If you can’t personalise the gift, then maybe something from the CEO like a Kindle loaded with the CEO’s favourite books or the CEO’s favourite book personally signed with a congratulatory note
          • An extra day off to celebrate with family or to do something they love

          I hope you find an answer that works for you. Keep us posted as we’d love to know how people react to the gift!

          Disruptive HR Club Team


            Thank you for the positive and useful feedback!

            We have decided NOT to pursue the idea of a gift after some more external benchmarking and internal discussion. We want to continue pushing regular feedback and acknowledgement, which is even more important since it looks like we are going to be fully remote until well into next year.


              Thanks for keeping us posted Chris. I hope your employees appreciate how lucky they are to receive regular feedback and acknowledgement. Good luck as you continue with remote working.

              The Disruptive HR Club Team

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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