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Remote team engagement

Remote team engagement

Posted: 9th September 2020

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      I’m looking for ideas, tips to help with staff morale and engagement whilst working remotely. We have regular virtual social catch ups, but they aren’t very well attended. Our employees are still feeding back that they don’t feel very well connected and engaged.

      Thanks in advance.


        Hi Gretchen,

        That’s a really good question that a number of organisations are probably having to deal with right now. Here are some of our suggestions to shake things up:

        • Ask the same sources that are telling you they feel dis-engaged for ideas of what they want done differently. Set up an easy space (on your intranet for instance) where they can then submit questions or feedback directly.
        • If you don’t already use Workplace by Facebook- might that be a good option to start engaging with your employees in a different but familiar way? Starting groups within it for people with various interests to engage and communicate?
        • A lot of the staff morale will depend on how their manager is communicating with them. So maybe providing some quick tips to managers on how to increase listening and reduce the amount of time to turn feedback into actions.
        • Is there any way to make your virtual social catch-ups more interesting by maybe starting them off with a round of applause for those that have gone above and beyond that week? Look for and celebrate small wins. The recognition bit might make them attend and stay through the event?
        • Are there senior leaders who are extremely engaging that employees feel motivated by? Publicise that you will be having them join the catch-up to share what they have recently learnt (helping to create a learning culture) or to play a game or even just have a virtual drink!
        • If you have some time to do this exercise, then use a progressive approach like British Airways did- their philosophy is all about treating their colleagues as customers. Building personas of employee population based on behaviours, wants, needs and attributes and targeting communications activities based on these persona types. You can listen to the interview on our club.

        Good luck!

        Disruptive HR Club Team


          Gretchen. I don’t have the answers to this as we have the same problem, but on the specific subject of ‘virtual socials’, I am finding that mixing up the type of virtual social events we have is helping, as is reducing the frequency of them.

          We have weekly virtual team lunches that virtually no-one attends anymore, but we ran a virtual team ‘pub quiz’ last week and this was really popular and has been re-requested, so it could be a case of trying lots of different virtual activities until you find the popular ones.

          The other thing we’ve done is to create a social committee delegating some of the organising of social events to staff, realising that they might be more in touch than we are.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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