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Recruiting a Director – thinking outside the box

Recruiting a Director – thinking outside the box

Posted: 6th March 2020

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      Hi all

      We are currently looking to recruit a new director to our organisation, we are a small organisation with a CEO and 2 Directors so it is crucial to get the appointment right. We want to ensure they are the right fit for our culture more than anything and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas we could incorporate into our recruitment process to ensure this – our CEO is very much open to getting creative and thinking outside the box. Key things for us is avoiding a command and obey style of management, embracing flexible working and a trusting management style, embracing and pushing technology and getting creative and innovative!




        Hi Freya,

        A couple of ideas aside from the normal behavioural interview questions.

        Job auditions are a great way to observe their skills in action.   You could give them a scenario or a problem to solve around what’s important e.g. “Our culture is the most important thing to us.  We believe in trusting our people, simplicity, we’re innately curious and constantly innovating.   We want you to give a 10 min presentation on how you would help us maintain or even improve our culture”

        Casual interviews are becoming popular because it allows candidates to let their guard down and enables the interviewer to observe their soft skills and personality in a new context. Recruiters at top companies across the globe are now taking their interviews into restaurants, coffee shops, cars, and even ferris wheels, all in an effort to assess interviewees in a more authentic way.

        Ask your team – Get the team in to meet with candidates and get their feedback on whether they would love to work for this person – perhaps get each of them to prepare a couple of questions  e.g. “What’s your view on flexible working?”  “How would you encourage team collaboration?” “How would you help me develop my career?” etc.. A bit drastic but Zappos have a company shuttle scoop prospective hires up and then the hiring manager returns to the shuttle driver later that day to see how they were treated.

        I hope that helps!



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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