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Posted: 28th January 2021

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      Hi all, in yesterdays meet and point was raised about people policies, and someone mentioned they have them down to half a dozen? I just wondered if anyone could share what those half a dozen were?


        Hi Emma,

        This would be our example of what you need in terms of policies within your organisation (you may have to consider other challenges such as regulators or client requirements etc..that are not in your control).

        Policies: Keep policies stripped back to best practice and don’t be tempted to add in company specific info such as ‘A HR person will be present etc.’

        –        Grievance

        –        Disciplinary

        –        Flex working (for contract changes only)

        –        Family leave – Maternity/Paternity/adoption etc.

        –        Data Protection (or put in contract)

        –        Confidentiality (or put in contract)

        –        Health & Safety

        –        Absence

        Statements not policies: Consider creating the following as statements rather than policies

        –        Time off/taking holiday

        –        D&I/equal ops

        –        Benefits – reward, career development, learning

        –        Ways of working – values, dress code, performance management etc.

        –        Social

        Take a look at this example of a Culture Handbook from a company called Thrive Tribe to give you some ideas.

        As a toolkit to help your managers with reward, coaching, onboarding etc, consider using this guide or adapt it to fit your needs.

        We hope this helps.

        Best wishes,

        Disruptive HR Team



          Hi Emma (bit late to this!)

          We abolished all our policies last year. We have 4 principles – Disciplinary, Grievance, Performance and Attendance. They are very short. The rest are covered in 1 pagers (2 max) which we call How We Operate. Essentially we provide the framework and our managers/people are trusted to be adults. So far, it’s worked really well.


            @Maggie Fox – we’re really interested in doing something similar in relation to our policies; would you be happy to share an example and/or did you use an external provider to produce these that you would recommend? Thanks!



              Hi Helen

              We did them all ourselves! Happy to send you copies if you let me have your email.





                Hi Maggie, that would be great thank you! My email is

                Thanks again


                  Hi Maggie, could you also send them to me please.    Thanks in advance 🙂


                    Hi can i jump on the bandwagon and ask you to share Maggie. We are interested in taking the same approach. . Thanks in advance. Rachel


                      Of course! We are just going through another revamp and simplification. But I’ll send you what we have


                        Hi Maggie,


                        Sorry to jump on the bang wagon.

                        We are currently looking into our policies, if you could end them to me also that would be much much appericated.


                        Thankyou so much


                          Hi Maggie, we’re just doing a refresh and thinking of less policies and more guidance, if you would mind sharing with me too, that would be great –

                          thanks so much



                            Maggie, I would love to have a copy if you’d be willing to share! I will share our finished product in return! My email is

                            Thanks so much in advance!


                              Hi Maggie, I too would love to see an example if you don’t mind.  We recognise the need and want to change our policies and offer guidance rather than a 125 handbook.  Thank you for your help, my email is


                                Hi Maggie

                                I am reading this thread with interest as we are embarking on some policy work with Disruptive HR at the forefront of our minds!! Would you mind sharing your policies with me also please? My details are:


                                  Hi Maggie

                                  Sorry to ask on top of everyone else – but please could I also request to see an example.


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