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On Boarding

On Boarding

Posted: 20th May 2021

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      Hi all, we are looking to refresh our onboarding and as part of it and to make our new starters feel like they belong we are thinking of branded merchandise to send them for their first day. DO any of you do this and if yes what sort of things do you send them?




        Hi Heather

        I am looking at introducing this, especially as most of my employees are working in an agile way. I sent out a survey a while ago and the main things they thought would be good was a travel mug for when they are out and about on visits and easy to carry notebooks. I was thinking of going a bit ‘flashy’ but this is what the survey results came back with.



          Hi – we introduced ‘welcome boxes’ during the pandemic as all of our new hires have joined remotely. As part of the onboarding process our HRIS system (BambooHR) facilitates asking ‘getting to know you’ questions which includes their tea/coffee preferences and favourite sweet treat. These are then included in the box with a branded note book and pen and welcome card with handwritten note from the line manager. On the day they join the line manager arranged a virtual team meeting with the idea being the team meets for a tea/coffee and sweet treat….  the answers to the getting to know you questions are also emailed with a welcome note the the new hires department to hopefully give some easy conversation starters too.


            Hi Heather

            We do some things before they start.  We have created a digital file in 3 parts that we send throughout their notice period – #1 introduces them to the team they are in, the office locations, it’s supported by some videos on social media #2 talks about culture at our company, benefits and our values which has a soundtrack to the office (music) #3 lets them know what they can expect on their first day and some tips around dress code etc.

            On their first day they get their laptop, charger etc in a branded box with a branded notebook and a normal pen.  Neither of these things were expensive as we purchased a solid colour box and had stickers made to brand it.

            Then in their first week we send them a welcome gift of brownies or something that they have said they like, as like Siobhan above we have collected information on their preferences.

            We get really good feedback about the digital messages in the run up to starting and I think the box arriving and then the treat make them feel like they belong.


              Yes we do this.  There was lots of choice but we settled on a water bottle, note pad, pens.  We are making improvements to this currently to make sure the items are sustainably sourced and recyclable.


                Thanks everyone, these are great and have helped me  a lot. 🙂


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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