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OKRs supporting companies growth

OKRs supporting companies growth

Posted: 23rd April 2021

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      this week our People team got a request from management to build 1 main OKR from the organizational side.

      Our other OKRs are related with increasing sales, so it’s set a note that we should focus on company’s growth.

      Now our Objective: Create a top performance organization & culture:

      And I’m thinking what Key results, focus areas can be top priority for this year which help to support this goal. What should we do.

      My thinking is through this, what are the most important elements for top performance and culture:

      – Alignement in all levels. If I know and understand companies goals, strategy, know my teams goals, understand my responsibilities, what should I do that remove all roadblocks and helps to move faster.

      – Leadership development (I would say this is also a key part talking about top performance and company’s growth).

      But maybe you should have more ideas what can support this goal?

      Thank you 🙂


        I believe there is no right or wrong culture but the culture that best adapts to your business’ strategy. So, I’d first start there… What is it that your business is focused on and what cultural elements could support that? Why did management request this OKR? Maybe they already have something in mind? With some more elements on the table, I’m happy to brainstorm with you on potential key results. Also, important to keep in mind they need to be measurable and easily/ recurrently tracked for you to be able to follow-up on progress and quickly react and adapt accordingly when needed.



          We’re an IT company.

          I completely agree with you that the culture must support business goals. And we are building it by involving our values in everything is happening at our company, creating, transparent and open organization.

          From OKR side, we want, that we would have not only business goals, but also evolving organization. And there are always 1000 areas what can be improved, and we want to have a better focus and alignment with all organization.

          So this time the business OKRs Are focused on new clients attraction, product development and selling.

          And the wish is not only focus from money perspective, but also organization, were are we growing as a team, how we can support all companies growth.

          Also, we have and interesting insisight, that our people salary increase is in average  around 10% in all company, and we’re thinking about value creation. What is the feedback to our organization.

          So, I believe, that there is never enough of performance improvements and culture. But now I’m thinking what can be the main focus areas having the biggest impact.



            How about going for employee Net Promoter Score? So for example “[number] of our people would recommend our organisation as a place to work”.  You can measure where you’re at now with a quick survey “on a scale of zero to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend this organisation as a place to work” and then give yourself a key result to increase it.    It’s a great OKR for obvious reasons, but also there are so many actions that everyone (not just HR) can be responsible for delivering or get involved with brainstorming e.g. leadership behaviour, recognition, career development, employee experience etc..

            Hope that’s helpful.



              Love the NPS idea. Additionally to that, do you have employee surveys? In ours we have questions such as “I understand how my role supports the overall business strategy of my company”, or “I understand how my work supports the goals of my team” which could potentially work to measure the alignment you’re mentioning.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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