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Occupational Health provider

Occupational Health provider

Posted: 5th November 2021

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      Hi all,

      I wonder if anyone has a recommendation for a good OHS provider – it’s to support an SME so only need it for ad hoc support, where we feel that an employee is needing support, but we need to gain a good recommendation from a provider. I’ve had too many examples where there’s no real added value once you get a report, appreciating we need to ask the right questions in the first place.

      Thanks in advance.


        Hi Jo, we had the same need – we are a SME and only need very ad-hoc help.  I used to work in the NHS and we used this provider which I always found helpful but found out they also provide OH services for private companies.  It is based in Bristol but they do virtual / telephone appts.  Seemed reasonable rates based on others I researched – you send the report, they assess and assign either a MSK specialist, OH nurse specialist or OH doctor depending on severity.  I found the report helpful, it answered all our questions and the employee also had a good experience.

        It was with Avon Partnership OH service.



          Thanks so much Steph, I’ll get in contact with them.  Really appreciated. Jo



            Hi Jo,

            ELAS is the company I have just signed up with  –

            They are £495 for doctor assessment and £395 for nurse assessment.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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