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Posted: 12th November 2021

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    Hi, we have been listening to our people managers about the challenges they face and what would would make their job easier. Having been inspired by the 5 min Monday on ‘nudges’ we are quite keen to use this as a short sharp communication method eg an email to point them in the right direction to support materials, remind them of an important issue, or help to promote a certain behaviour. I was wondering if anyone has implemented ‘nudges’ or something similar and has examples they would be willing to share on format and content?


    Hi Anne, it’s so exciting to hear that you’re looking at implementing nudges within your business! Here’s a great example from Google that you could consider using to help you create your own template. Keep us posted on how it goes!

    Good luck!



    Hi Sunayana, that’s great, thank you! Will let you know how it goes


    Hey Anne. You can sign up to receive some Humu nudges via email which aren’t people management related but are good for inspiration.



    I work in Transport for London and we introduced Manager Nudges that are sent out every 2 months. This is to those who have signed up to a mailing list via MS Forms (we introduced it so they could opt in to receiving the content). I create a video version of the nudge also for those who prefer to watch a video instead of read written text.

    The template can be easily created by inserting a table in Outlook and then making the lines invisible.



    Thanks for sharing Jordan- love how you’ve nicely summarised the important bits from the book that you want to focus on and how you have a video version to suit those with a need to consume resources differently. Hope you’re seeing some great results from it!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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