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Non union representatives

Non union representatives

Posted: 17th June 2021

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      Hi, I am researching on how we can offer great representation to our people. We are looking at union recognition as an option, but also want to explore the possibility of training non union representatives and supporting our people to seek advice from different sources too. We have a people forum who we would use for consultative purposes and a number of networks across the organisation.

      Does anyone have any examples of where non unionised representatives have been used and have worked well?


        Hi, we’ve got a number of Unions representing different groups of employees, but we’ve found that that is not a preferred option for a lot of colleagues. We therefore established an Employee Voice Group with clear Terms of reference. We’d use them to consult collectively if changes were afoot, but we also regularly get together with them to review elements and proposals of the People Strategy. Our group HRD is the sponsor of the EVG, and we have a dedicated non-exec director who listens in, too. It sounds to me from your post that you already have a similar forum, you might just want to review how you position and ‘market’ them…?


          Yes,  we are a non-unionised business but have established an enterprise wide Employee Forum, with all business areas represented (some of the larger areas have their local forum which feeds into company level).  We have a full-time chair person appointed and the Reps are involved alongside their BAU roles.  They meet every month, a Board member chairs an open session with them as part of that session and its a useful forum for sharing information and seeking insight / feedback and they play a key role in our Engagement strategy, as well as driving community activity, CSR etc.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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