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Posted: 22nd March 2021

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      Hello everyone,
      Does anyone have a policy and/or process to deal with nepotism when it is already rife?
      Many thanks!


        It is set in law now and should be part of your ABC policies.


          Thanks for your reply. I assume that you mean UK law. I am responsible for a global organisation and am looking for a pragmatic solution that would work from Shanghai to Silicon Valley.


            Not a policy I could share with you as such but we’ve got a lot of stuff around conflict of interest.  Part of that is explaining how having close relationships with others could be perceived e.g. lack of fairness in reward and promotion, covering mistakes made by family members.

            One section of our conflict of interest form asks about relationships.  We’re a large organisation and we certainly don’t ban relationships, but we do manage the effect e.g. if you have a family member working here, declare it on the form then we can look at mitigation.  For example, they work in a completely different division, under a different management structure, different markets and area of expertise, they are not going to be in a situation where they are working together. Mitigation is simple – they individuals agree that they will not discuss client confidential or project confidential information that is not available to others outside that of the division.

            Where people work in the same division mitigation is a bit more active e.g. changing the line management of an individual.

            Not sure that helps but might give you a starting point?



              That would be a great starting point, thanks Jennifer!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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