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Measuring Impact / ROI of Leadership Development programs

Measuring Impact / ROI of Leadership Development programs

Posted: 6th May 2021

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      Hello! I know that measuring behavior change is tricky. What is the latest thinking, practices and tools? Looking to apply to a 6 month “learning journey” that includes individual coaching, peer learning (pods that meet once a month), and virutal learning sessions with SME’s.


        Nothing significant to add I’m afraid but we’re looking into similar ROI measurement- happy to kick something around with you at some point?


          Is the programme for leaders or individual contributors?  I hope this isn’t too basic a response, but I am still a fan of self-assessment & 360 feedback surveys before and after programmes to measure changes / confidence levels / observed behaviours.  Would also love to hear better ideas too.


            Thanks, Emma.  It is for high level leaders so you can imagine how the CEO is looking for real movement in terms of how well they going to improve in terms of  leading the organization through exponetial growth.

            I read that using pre and post 360’s is not a valid and reliable way to measure behavior change since you can’t insure that the respondants are exactly the same both times.  But would love to hear more about your experience and hear what others have to say about this approach.



              Hi Ellie – we are also looking at this at the moment and would be keen to connect with you and Chloe to explore further.


                Yes, tough one as it can be hard to measure ROI on a programme, but love the fact that you’re planning a learning journey with a variety of interventions.  We believe the best way to measure leadership behaviour is to clear upfront what outcomes you’re looking for and then ask the people they lead now and then again after the 6 months.    In our latest webinar on Talent Management we talk about SAP who have three outcomes for all their leaders  “We expect you to 1) Lead with Trust, 2)Show appreciation, 3)Coach your people. We will give you all the support and tools to help you but you do in your own way/style”.  They then regularly ask their people if it’s happening with pulse surveys i.e. does your manager empower you?, does your manager show they appreciate you? does your manager help you grow? etc… – then using the feedback to help each manager know where they need to develop further. Salesforce (who consistently rank as one of the most desirable companies to work for!) is also an example in the webinar where they have gone one stage further and publish the results of their surveys – not to name and shame managers but they believe in accountability and transparency and it helps them see which management practices are working and also for their people internally to decide which leader they want to work for!

                Hope that helps a bit.  Karen

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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