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Management and Leadership training

Management and Leadership training

Posted: 4th October 2021

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    We’re a tech company with over 100 employees and looking for an external company to deliver management training to our first-time managers. We’re also looking to provide leadership development for our head of departments and C-suite executives. It doesn’t have to be the same provider.

    Please let me know if you have any recommendations.




    Depending on your company, if you pay into the Apprentice levy you could explore that as an option?  We have recently queried this with two local colleges and they have a level 3 management course for first line managers which looks super detailed.  We are exploring this with some of our newer line managers rather than a one off training session.  They get a qualification and we can use our levy to pay for it.  Useful if you are a SME!



    Hi Samatha,

    If you haven’t already, you might want to have a look at our Leadership Development webinar for some inspiration if you’re looking to avoid the traditional new manager classroom programme!

    If you can DIY (if you have the capacity it’s going to be so much better coming from you) then there are lots of club resources you can use to deliver short leadership workshops on pretty much every topic – as well as some of our 5 Minute Mondays aimed at people leaders which are available on our YouTube channel. 

    If you need some external support  – Maddy who is also one of our Club members provides leadership development – and she uses the help of our club resources with her clients.

    Hope that helps!



    We use a great and engaging trainer who has courses on first line management plus many more! I will share his details in case you’d like to reach out to him.

    Iain Francis

    Our business LOVE him as he doesn’t do the usual death by Powerpoint training. He also uses a behaviour survey called LIFO to understand everyone in the group. They are very interesting and don’t follow the usual “personality questionnaire” approach. These instead, look at our behavioural tendencies. Our “forehand” and “backhand” (you might call them) that we instinctively gravitate towards.

    To be a well-rounded person, we need to use our “back hand” as well as “forehand” even if one is outside of our comfort zone.

    Highly recommend reaching out to him!


    Hi there,  we have been using a great training company called Impellus to deliver online training of both management and leadership to our teams.  They have a great online offering with live classrooms with people from other businesses which we have found to be invaluable.  They also have access to government funding as well so we have purchased alot of training days at up to 50% funded which has made it really affordable for us. hope this helps





    Thank you everyone.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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