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Launching new values

Launching new values

Posted: 6th October 2021

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      We’ve been doing some work over the last few months and now have our new values. A large proportion of our people are offline – can anyone offer advice on effective ways of launching and embedding values


        Hi Helen – this blog is a bit tongue in cheek and in no way meant to undermine the work you’ve done on developing your new Values 😉 but it might help you with what to avoid when embedding and launching!

        Best wihes



          I would highly recommend ‘Bringing your values out to play’ from Debra Corey – she is fab and has some really practical ideas!

          If they are offline I think maybe some small sessions with people around your new values, where they have come from, maybe some discussion around how they can be lived? Also maybe something they can keep with the values on (key ring?/ badge ID?) so they are visible? Obviously don’t know how big your organisation is



            Hi Helen,


            We did a Microsite which has all our team leaders talking about how we came up with the values and behaviours and how they then looked how they would apply to their own teams.

            I have recently done a survey on staff to see how they are being engaged with, and contrary to my senior’s opinion (who don’t want gimmicks), the more junior members of the company want to see posters, mouse mats and other visual aids around the office, branded chocolate bars or something – basically, “loot”. They  also have asked for examples of people living them well and us to celebrate this through HiBob – giving Kudos and shoutouts and self reflection in performance reviews.

            I also recommend Sheila Parry : – who worked with me and my Brand and Culture Director who partnered with me on re-imagining our Values and writing new behaviours. She is really good and has a great book!!

            Please feel free to give me a shout if you want some more info:


            Sarah x


              I too am working with my executive team on our values – does anyone have an example of a CEO (or other leader) explaining what their company values actually mean in real life?  ie bringing the values to life through stories



                Thanks Karen


                  Thanks Freya, yes i’ve got the book, its a while since I read it so I will have another read

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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