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Launching Development Discussions

Launching Development Discussions

Posted: 28th January 2021

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    We did away with appraisals a few years ago but never really put anything else in place but on our last eNPS survey there were a lot of comments around lack of development and career development.

    So we have decided to launch ‘Development Discussions’ not mandatory like appraisals and more future focussed rather than reflecting on past performance. I want to provide a framework for having the conversations and some guidance for managers as I feel they will be out of touch with having these kinds of discussions & thinking about the development of their team. I have got the box of conversations which has provided a useful start

    I was just wondering if anyone had put in place something similar and how they did it? Did you have a form? How are the discussions initiated? What happened after the discussion i.e. was a personal development plan created?

    I don’t want to make it too burdensome but we need something in place as our survey results show its just not happening at the moment! We also have launched a new Business Plan and I want to get managers and individuals thinking about the skills they need to deliver it and this would be a good opportunity

    Any help greatly received

    thank you



    Hi Freya,

    Like you’ve mentioned the Box of Conversations is a great place to start. To help you get your leaders on board and help set the context for them, we have put together a slide deck that you can use to run a workshop for them. You can use this time to help them understand how to use the Box of Conversations and see the benefits of doing this versus a formal appraisal. You can download the presentation here and edit it to suit your needs. A few other suggestions that might be helpful:

    –        Another great way to get managers discussing development for their teams is to get managers together once a quarter for ‘Talent Discussions’. This might help them think about opportunities for lateral movement and projects etc. If you think an informal mentoring approach maybe something you might consider, we’ve put together 6 steps to help you launch a cheap but brilliant informal mentoring scheme along with tips and conversation starters for mentors and mentees.

    –        You can also set up a ‘group’ on your Comms channel and use it for people to share useful tips and resources around career development for their team members.

    –        Our Box of Questions– Coaching questions and Career questions in particular can be used by your leaders to run short surveys with their team members or to use these questions as a part of their regular 1:1’s.

    We hope you get a few more ideas from our members who may have done something similar.

    Best wishes,

    Disruptive HR Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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