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Interview assessment for HR advisor role

Interview assessment for HR advisor role

Posted: 15th July 2021

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      Good afternoon! I will soon be commencing the process of recruiting in an HR advisor to the team, and have been asked if there is anything additional to the standard interview process that I would like the candidates to do e.g. a presentation on a pre-set topic

      Traditionally for this level role I would usually go with the standard 2-stage interview process – which doesn’t exactly feel ‘disruptive'(!!!) – and so was wondering if anyone had done anything alternative to this.


        Hi Lucia

        We adopt a 3 stage process internally for all of our recruitment; interview with line manager, culture interview with peers they will be working with from different teams and finally a case study / presentation, to assess their approach to certain job related activities.

        The case studies we use normally focus on an area that the new hire will be working on, so for example for an Advisor it could be a particularly challenging ER case, or a restructure etc.

        Happy to discuss further if you’d like – my email is




          Maybe something that demonstrates they’re across people trends externally and care about outcomes, not process?  e.g. “talk to us for 5 mins (or presentation) on your understanding of the latest trends in Performance Management” or a scenario based case study perhaps on your knowledge of any challenges in the business area e.g. “A manager in your area has a team complaining of lack of learning/career progression – what ideas would you have to help him?” “A manager has had  really low engagement scores around trust – what advice would you give him?”

          Hope that helps?




            Thank you both!  We have opted to ask them to present for 5 to 10 minutes on a situation we have been meeting a lot recently – an employee wishing to relocate and work in another country in which we have an office – and asking them to present the potential implications and considerations to be undertaken.  There isn’t particularly a ‘wrong’ answer, but there is such a range of things that responses could include – from precedent within the organisation to appropriate right to work checks – so I’m really looking forward to seeing the responses!


              We have also asked candidates to send in a 5 minute informal video on a subject something similar to what Karen mentioned above as part of their application. This lends to an inclusive recruitment approach to get from a long list to a short list, so application first to long list, then a video to short list and then a ‘fire side chat’ to learn more about the role for people (you can do this up front to increase interest in the role) ie a virtual q and a with a colleague perhaps.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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