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Integrative HR Tool

Integrative HR Tool

Posted: 31st March 2021

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      Hi dear colleagues,
      I’m currently investigating an HR tool for a client in IT industry, 80 people. I would need administrative module, analytics and the whole employee life-cycle covered. The tool must be easy to use, lean (non hierarchical), customizable. I found great tools, but they don’t cover all the process, and we would prefer aan integrative one.
      Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!


        Hi Cristina,

        We use Peoplehr, which seems to do the trick. Our two finalists were Bamboo and Peoplehr.


          sorry forgot to mention we have a headcount of 189. We use Clear Review for Performance Management.


            Thanks Lili! I’ve just finished a demo for BambooHR, I’m not very excited about hiring module, if I compare it with other ATSs like Lever or Workable. I’ll check also PeopleHR! super thanks!


              Hi Cristina, we use Bamboo HR and are happy with it. The hiring piece is quite simple and you can easily convert the candidate to a hire and share the contracts etc through the system (so all digital). There’s also a nice onboarding approach too. This was here when I joined my company (we’re about 250 people globally) so haven’t really looked at others.

              Hope this helps


                We use BambooHR (88 people & Fintech) and very happy with it, the offer and on boarding workflow is particularly good.  The ATS is basic but does the job – if you’re high recruitment then something like Workable will be better as it’s purely ATS but only ATS, I don’t think it’s a good comparison really as they’re tools offering different things.


                  We’ve just put in PeopleXD from the Access Group (used to be CoreHR). Works really well for us


                    Hi Cristina
                    We are a fintech and have c. 160 employees at present. We have BambooHR at present, which is very easy to use and has a lot of good features. We are looking for a new system though as it is quite basic and the fields are not flexible / customisable. The recruitment/ ATS is easy to use, but very basic and the performance management processes are fixed, which makes it challenging to match to the company’s needs.


                      Thank you guys for all the answers!

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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