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Induction experience

Induction experience

Posted: 26th July 2021

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      Hi Disruptive HR Club! I am in the middle of exploring a new induction for my organisation. I would love to hear any interesting ideas that have been implemented in your organisations and the impact it had on your new employee journey. Thank you in advance for sharing. Kind regards Naomi


        Alexis Kingsbury ( has a really great product.  All about self-directed induction.



          Working remotely makes it harder for the newcomer to meet his new colleagues, but it’s also the case the other way around.

          A few months ago, I’ve started asking newcomers to make a short presentation video touching on the following points:

          ·         Who you are

          ·         Where you come from (nationality, home country)

          ·         Previous work or professional profile

          ·         What position you will have and as of when

          ·         Motivation to join the team

          ·         Any other personal info you’d like to share (hobbies, interest, anecdotes)


          Colleagues really appreciate it, and it prompts them to send an email to the newcomer and have a chat.


            I like the idea of self directed and also the new joiner video to introduce themselves. We have a mix of remote working but also customer facing teams where they would be together in very busy day to day roles, not computer based. How do you ensure with a self directed induction that they do get the value from it and prioritise it?


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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