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Hybrid working

Hybrid working

Posted: 10th August 2021

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    Hi, as I’m sure everyone is at the moment we’re currently trying to finalise our plans to get colleagues to return to the office. We’re introducing a hybrid approach whereby front office colleagues (call centre type roles) are required to be in the office 3 days a week, and back office colleagues in the office 2 days a week.

    I was keen to see how other companies are approaching this and whether you’re being as prescriptive regarding the number of days required in the office per week. Any insights would be incredibly useful, many thanks Jo


    Hi, there was a really useful ‘5-minute Monday’ a couple of weeks ago that would be worth watching if you haven’t. With the exception of our contact centre employees, we’re not being prescriptive for office-based people. We’ve very much left it up to them to strike a balance between needing to travel because the event is one that would be better face2face, wanting to go in, because they need that social interaction and working from home if that suits them and because of the work they’re doing that day.


    Here are some of our resources on this topic grouped together.  If you can don’t be prescriptive and trust teams to manage themselves i.e. even call centre roles can have greater flexibility on ‘office days’ as long as they’re thinking about other employees, client needs etc.

    1) Some ‘principles’ if you want to avoid a policy that every leader can sign up to – example here 
    2) A few examples of what other organisations are doing
    3) A 5 minute video on a Check-list for leaders to help them move to a hybrid 
    4) Leading in a Disrupted World (5 minute video on our EACH model  – treating employees as Adults, Consumers and Humans) YouTube link included if you want to share with leaders
    5) Toolkit work from anywhere – leaders role in making it happen   

    6) 5 min video – 
    7) A workshop on making hybrid working work you can adapt and run with leaders

    Hope they help!


    We are allowing our HQ team members to choose what works best for themselves personally and the wider team.  This is all in a real collaborative way.  Unfortunately for our property teams there is no real opportunity for them to work from home as their roles are based in properties supporting residents.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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