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Hybrid Working Policy

Hybrid Working Policy

Posted: 19th July 2021

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      Has anyone started work on a Hybrid Working Policy that they are willing to share?

      We do not want to make it contractual at this moment in time but recognise that we need to have some guidance around this.

      We are situated right in the centre of Oxford and have the government saying we can return to the workplace but the Public Health Director for Oxford saying essential journeys only – as the case rates are so high.

      Hence the request as we need to flex on what we can and cannot do.

      Kind regards,



        Hi Ruth, happy to share our guidance although we are a HEI so may not fit what you need. Send me your email address if you want it. Kate


          Hi – ours is very early stages, so some complete and some place holders for headings, but happy to share if you are interested. Pls message me your email address as well; we are in housing fyi


            Hi Ruth – Challenging times with people having a different view of risk-taking. We felt the same about “policy” so we created some principles (however, note, we are in Australia with much lower covid rates). We started with Why (ie what we wanted to achieve, ie manage culture etc) and we came up with a list of 10 principles, listed below. This was based on feedback from a survey to all staff. We then explored how that plays out in practice.  Hope this helps!

            1.We, not me.
            2.Be reasonable, be flexible.
            4.Clients are our equal top priority.
            5.1 anchor day, 1 flex day per week (pro-rated for part timers) minimum.
            6.One virtual, all virtual.
            7.Plan ahead.
            8.Embrace incidental opportunities when in the office.
            9.Camera on.
            10.Be courteous, stay switched on.


              Hi Ruth,

              We are also having  principles rather than a policy:

              1. Deliver on our promises. We will ensure that our clients’ needs are met.  Maintaining our reputation for outstanding delivery is paramount.

              2. Culture. Spending time together and connecting as colleagues & teams remains an integral part of our culture and we will come together frequently, both formally and informally, for collaboration, training, events to share ideas and build on our strong working relationships & culture.

              3. Collaborate. We do our best work when we work together. We will combine our strengths and expertise, support each other and are available to help and learn from each other. We will have mindful conversations, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to contribute even if they’re not physically there in person.

              4. Accessible.  Just because we’re not physically together doesn’t mean we aren’t accessible.  We will be open & transparent in communicating where we are and what we are working on.  It’s not a secret.

              5. Flexible & adaptable. We all need to remain flexible. Our working practices will flex to meet the needs of our clients and colleagues. We may need to flex our working patterns based on the projects we’re working on, new roles & opportunities presented to us or as the needs of the business change. It’s not set in stone and we’ll all need to continually review how we work to ensure it is working for everyone.

              6. Inclusive.  We are inclusive. We are a team. We will ensure that everyone feels part of the team and fully informed about the things that are important to them.  We will ensure new colleagues feel supported and part of the team from day one. We’ll look out for each other and continue to provide a supportive environment that we all value.

              7. Trust. We’ve shown that we can adapt to new ways of working. We may not get everything right first time but we trust that everyone will work together to give it the best chance of success.


                Hi Kate,

                Thanks for responding to my post. Grateful for any assistance on this topic. My email is

                Kind regards,




                  Hi Julia,

                  Thanks for responding to my post. Grateful for any assistance on this topic. My email is

                  Kind regards,



                    WOW some beautiful principles from Gillian and Sarah!  Couldn’t have said it better, but just to add to those here is another example.

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