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Hub home roam

Hub home roam

Posted: 10th November 2021

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      Hi – we are looking at the ‘kit’ to provide our staff for our new hub, home, roam model. A lot of it is the basic stuff, but we are stuck on tea and coffee. We know how important tea and coffee is to staff and wanted to offer something like a costa card, but the tax implications seem ridiculously complex! Does anyone know a way to offer tea/coffee without big tax implications for the company or staff? Also would be great to know whether you give equiupment (desk, chair, monitor, privacy screen, laptop etc) or an allowance to buy your own? We are looking at the business case to provide all this vs work in the office and whilst the office remains open and available the costs don’t make for great reading!


        Hi Julia

        At Pure Planet we give an allowance of up to £250 to every individual to purchase a desk and chair of their choosing. We have had about a 20% take up. Happy to talk through more if needed!!  On the tea and coffee tax implications that’s a toughie but if its something you provide in the office then its the same.  (that might be a naive answer). Also check out  who we use all the time to provide that kind of stuff. Kind regards Rich


          Hey Julia,

          Are there tea/coffee making facilities in the hub? To get them started, what about getting a little tote bag or gift bag and filling it with little things like a portable coffee cup (like Chilly’s – there are cheaper alternatives though), some sachets of tea (like Pukka/Twinings) and little pots of coffee (like Little’s coffee – they have different flavours plus people can re-use the jar once it’s done to use to bring their own coffee in).

          Also, look at Tony’s Chocolonely as you can personalise bars of their chocolate with your company logo or something else and pop them in there, or a packet of biscuits, for their tea break and promote taking time for a chat with their colleagues.

          Or – is there a little independent coffee shop nearby where you could pay them a certain amount and give your staff little vouchers to give to the coffee shop so the owners know their coffee has been paid for already by company? You’re helping a local business and it kinda goes around the tax implications ;-)? “Kinda like a extended coffee run”…

          We didn’t do £ for home equipment, as we felt the money people were saving on travel could be put towards any items people needed at home and there are a lot of reasonable priced chairs/desks available, BUT for people on lower incomes, we’d take case by case and send them bits from the office where needed.



            really helpful responses, thank you


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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