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HR Manager remit and recruitment

HR Manager remit and recruitment

Posted: 20th January 2022

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      Hi all,
      Hope everyone is keeping well!

      I’m just after some insight..asking for a friend…;-)

      Is it normal for an HR Manager to have to do all the recruitment activity within their remit if they are they only person – (in a company of 60 with further plans of growth in next 12 months) overseeing all HR activities (incl. senior level strategic work with Leadership team)?

      I’m seeing a lot of companies that seem to have an HR Manager who oversees a Talent Resourcer/Specialist, so they are effectively two separate roles.

      I’m just wondering if it is unreasonable to expect an HR Manager to do all the HR management & leadership activities as well as all the recruitment when it’s not their strong area and they left a previous company because of high recruitment volume and they had changed the job spec from generalist to talent acquisition advisor/specialist.

      Many thanks, Sarah


        Hi Sarah, I work in HR for tech start ups and basically yes the generalist role includes recruitment until the point where growth projections mean that a specialist Talent Acquisition role can be justified.  Then, often the Talent specific role would then be brought in on a fixed term basis to cover a period of intense growth as it’s a role which isn’t always required on a perm basis unless a business going through hyper growth.

        In my experience recruitment is really quite a different skillset (often more sales orientated) within HR so yeah it can be a tricky one to bridge.

        I think the HR generalist role is such a tricky one as basically you’re expected to be employment lawyer, reward specialist, recruiter, executive coach and (though I really try to steer clear of babysitting) unfortunately childminder sigh…  On the other hand, we accumulate such a varied skillset!  It’s not an easy role and think we should pat ourselves on the back more often :   )


          Thanks Lorna, I really appreciate that!

          There is a lot to cover at the moment and I honestly am struggling to find the time to do it all. This week my role has been very much falling into the  childminder bucket.

          Hope you have been having a good week! Thanks again for taking the time to reply to me!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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