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How to employ in countries where we do not have a legal entity

How to employ in countries where we do not have a legal entity

Posted: 7th November 2020

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      Hi all – unsure if this is the right forum to reach out to colleagues with a challenge im facing, apologies in advance to DHR team and colleagues.

      I am helping an employee with a relocation from UK to Cyprus but we have no legal entity there and the company will not set one up to have just 1 employee. Wanted to know if there were any creative ways that colleagues have cracked this apart from using an umbrella company or consultancy? Or in your experience if that is the only route can you recommend a contact? Thanks in advance. Teresa


        hi Teresa, I just came upon this platform which a colleague in another org is using for the employment contract and payroll.

        Hope this helps



          Hi Teresa,

          Just joined the club today !   I often have similar situations to the one you have outlined.  We tend to make use of a third party employing organisation (PEO) to do this on our behalf.  If you do a google search there are lots of them out there – there is of course an on-cost/admin charge to the base salary and benefits you  provide but they are a really great partner to ensure that you are keeping legal with the local regulations.    You can also consider whether to engage the people as independent contractors but this does come with some risks – tax, possible claims for employee status etc…..its more common in some markets than others.   Happy to share the names of the companies we work with if its helpful



            Thanks so much Amy!


              Thanks so much Samantha, very helpful. We did decide to use a service provider agreement in the end which has its challenges too! But getting there. Thank you for your advice.


                @Samantha Kneller – Hi there! Back to this question again as I am in a new company now and doing similar but keen to get recommendations for PEOs in US, Germany, Spain, Poland? Wo9uld you be happy to share your experiences of the PEOs you use? Thanks in advance! Teresa


                  Hi there

                  I also have found this platform that does the same thing (a more modern employer of reference)



                    Thanks Amy – I will explore!

                    Do you have any recommendations for a payroll/medical provider in US – I am aware of Trinet but also checking for others. We are now moving to entity in US. Thanks in advance!

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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