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How do you spot a progressive HR organisation?

How do you spot a progressive HR organisation?

Posted: 9th February 2022


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      Hi everyone!

      It’s Ben here from Disruptive HR Careers. We want to help users on the Careers site work out which companies would be a good match for their HR approach.

      If you were looking for a new company to work at, what kind of things would you look for to indicate that they are receptive to more disruptive, progressive people practice?
      Totally appreciate that most companies are on a journey, not at the destination.

      So how might you judge the companies that are on that journey? What would you see them do or say?
      e.g. They’d be publishing their diversity data, or they’d have HR on the Exec Board.

      One line answers are totally fine!



        for me its the language used in the JD, advert and on the careers website. Values are also something I look for!


          Thanks, Freya! How would you judge those values? Do you mean the values that they list on their corporate site? Or something else?


            I would ask for these questions:

            – The main elements of their culture

            – Values: what are they and how they include them in everyday life

            – Decision-making process (how they make decisions of what process should be improved? How do they gather information for that?)

            – Relationship between company and its employees

            – HR working principles and ways (Agile Hr principles or a traditional, etc)

            – Way of thinking: lessons learned, bets of HR team into process etc

            – Terminology they use (HR team or People team, employees or team members, etc. that also say a lot :))




              Thanks, Emilija! That’s really helpful.


                I agree language and tone are really important and tell you whether they are actually committed to a change or just saying what they think you want to hear. How they describe their culture is so important and what benefits, other than the obvious ones, they offer….and that doesn’t include an office dog 😆


                  More of a cat person, Laura? 😜
                  Are there any particular things you’d expect to see a progressive HR organisation committing to?

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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