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Housing Association employee benefits

Housing Association employee benefits

Posted: 9th February 2022


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      Hello! I have just started at a non profit housing association in the health & social care sector. It’s a completely new sector for me. I was hoping if anyone else works in this area if I could have a run down of the employee benefits you offer. We are a small company cira 40 employees and based in London. I don’t think the benefits we offer are competitive but because this is new to me I may be wrong! We have recently bench marked salaries and offer average market rates but I know we can’t improve on these. Retention is pretty bad so I am hoping I if I get approval to improve benefits that may help. We offer:
      22 days holiday increasing by 1 day per year service up to 25 days
      1 day off for birthday
      EAP and health cash back plan (level 1) after 3 months
      Pension 4% employee / employer contribution from month 1
      Cycle to work / season ticket loan after 6 months.

      Any insight would be appreciated – thanks!



        my recommendation would be to ask for your employees what would bring the biggest value for them.

        My experience:

        We wanted to review our benefits, and thought what would be great for our people.

        In the end, we decided to ask our people, and what was an eye-opening moment was that it was  different from what we thought and what they wanted.

        For example – we thought that additional health insurance is necessary, but it was rated in the last place.

        So what we did example:

        – We gave people 2k per person for a year, they can use for what they want – learning, courses, conferences, additional “fancy” tech stuff, health insurance, parking, sport etc. This works perfectly!

        And we focused on some areas we want to encourage:

        – We want to exelerate Growth (personal professional in the organisation), that’s we we encoure to you 50% of a total sum mentioned above for learning things. The person decides where to spend them but just check with direct manager. We have learning time, every second Friday, dedicated for learning (every person and team decide how to spend them)

        – Meaningful relationships (we have workation budget, team building budget,) to build the relationship.

        – Work life balance – we bought an emotional support app, and encourage people to take consultations with psychologists, etc covered by the company, also extra days off with a clear message.

        So, to sum up everything, I would encourage you to ask your people what would be the most beneficial for them. 🙂





          Thank you so much! Yes we have recently asked them and we do have ideas from them. To hopefully get some change from the CEO I am looking to see what other companies offer so I can use that info when proposing. Do you mind letting me know what holiday you offer? Thanks!


            Hi Kate,

            We’re a large Welsh Social Landlord looking after 10000 properties in South Wales with circa 400 staff. A lot of our benefits have devolved from when we were the council, and some of our benefits are therefore generous. All staff get 30 days holiday plus bank holidays (all pro rata of course!) You qualify for Health Shield Cash Back plan after 6 months, and our pension scheme is a local government defined scheme. Being in the communities, periodically staff can take time to help local projects i.e. timebanking etc.

            I totally agree about asking people what they want, especially as we move to more flexible/permanent hybrid ways of working. We have two very different staff/role groups – those that are front facing and those ‘office based’ roles. They want very different things in terms of benefits.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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