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Hours vs Output

Hours vs Output

Posted: 13th October 2021

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      Hi All,

      I’ve recently started in a small Company that is looking to do things differently and one thing I wondered about was hours (they currently are on 40 hours p/w) vs output and how I could get them to move towards that more modern approach of measuring what matters rather than how many hours a person has done. Does anyone have any practical tips on how their organisation has/is doing that? How have you managed it from a legal stance? Any information would be useful and gratefully received!

      Thank you!


        Hi Kirsten

        Sounds like a very exciting opportunity.  It does depend on the type of business you have, but I would suggest a process of continuous performance management with regular check-in’s, agile objectives and frequent feedback can really get managers and their teams focussed on the outputs of their role rather than the number of hours put in.  If the environment is more manufacturing based where objectives may be more challenging to create, a Kaizen approach could be useful in encouraging small, regular improvements to working processes.  The business should see overall improvements in productivity whichever way you go.  We have introduced these processes over the past few years and have seen a gradual cultural shift away from 9-5 thinking and more focus on achievement and outputs.  We use Clear Review

        Hope this helps.



          Hi Kirsten,  Yes echo what Sarah has said.

          I would avoid changing contractual hours as it will make things more complicated (for contracts, pay, part-time workers etc) and instead move towards principles i.e. ‘we don’t measure you by how many hours you do or where you are, but on results’.

          We’ve got our New Workplace webinar at 1 pm today and we give some examples about what this looks like, but as an example, this is what Telefonica have done:

          1. Work where you are most productive: every employee can choose their place of work.
          2. Flex your working day to meet your needs and when you’re most productive:
          3. The focus of managers is on the RESULTS, not where and when the work is done.
          4. We use a ‘tight – loose – tight’ approach to managing performance (what they mean by this is regular check-ins as Sarah mentioned with the line manager/employee agreeing on expectations/outcomes upfront – then giving the employee freedom and autonomy to get the work done and then tight again on measuring the outcomes delivered.)

          Hope you can make the webinar but if not it will be on the Club as a recording tomorrow!



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            Thanks very much to you both- great pieces of advice!





          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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