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Posted: 4th May 2021

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      Hello everyone, I’m a newbie here and loving the new HR approaches and all the helpful resources. I’m sure I read a post on here about running a hackathon but I can’t seem to locate it.

      We’re thinking about running some sessions following the results of some recent employee pulse survey’s using Office Vibe. We want ourpeople to know we care about the results and that it’s not just a box ticking exercise.

      My thought was that if we engage the widder team in helping us come up with new ideas and solutions on the things we aren’t doing so well, there may not only be some amazing ideas we haven’t thought of, but it allows them to become part of the decision making process and will hopefully make them our champions for improvement. What better way to do this than by holding a hackathon.

      Has anyone had any experience running these or do you have any useful information I could poach please :-).

      Many thanks all


        I’m not entirely sure what a Hackathon might be but I want to find out! Keep me clued in Hannah!


          Hi Hannah

          We will be approaching culture change using a bit of a hackathon approach to look at tensions and practices based on the approach set out in the Book Brave New Work (Aaron Dignan) which is worth a read and may be helpful? I haven’t tried it yet, so not sure if it will be successful 🙂




            At TfL some areas run Hackathons but we don’t currently have a organisation-wide approach. I’m currently working on a proposal for how we can run Hackathons organisation-wide to help create a more innovative culture, help people across the organisation understand our business challenges and, of course, help solve some of our problems!

            If you come across that Disruptive HR post you mention, please do share it and, when we’ve got a clearer idea of how we will/won’t use Hackathons, I’d be happy to discuss our thinking with you if that would be helpful.


              Hi Hannah,

              We’re so excited to see so many of you interested in running hackathons within your organisation!

              Here’s an example we have on the club on ‘How to run a Hackathon on Performance Management‘ but you can tailor this to use it with any topic.

              You’ll also find some examples of how other organisations have used hackathons to improve the employee experience here.

              We’d love to hear how you get on, so do keep us posted!

              Good luck!

              Disruptive HR Team


                Hi Chloe,

                I found the post, I knew I had saved it somewhere 🙂


                It’s looks like a very interesting concept.


                  Thanks all for your inputs.


                  I found the link @Rohan and have shared it above :-).


                  Will check that book out, thanks @Julia

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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