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Growth in Role

Growth in Role

Posted: 14th October 2021

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      Curious to see if anyone knows a more technical term for what I am describing here.

      We are focused on helping employees understand that they don’t need to solely focus on progression up a hierarchy and that there is huge advantages from adding additional responsibilities to their existing role or having its remit amended/expanded. I refer to this as ‘growth in role’. However, is there a more known term for this in HR circles?




        Hi Neil.  Not sure if this will be helpful but I was really struck by a comment in a previous Disruptive HR presentation that BMW have “leaders” and “experts”.  The leaders are in the managerial roles and the experts are those on the coal face who are the specialists in what they do.  I found this really helpful – often the experts get overlooked when it comes to shaping change and also getting acknowledgement, so I thought this is a really nice way to give equal recognition and also to help “experts” understand they don’t have to climb a ladder – more rounded development when viewed in this context may have more appeal.  This is perhaps more of an opinion than anything else, but I thought I’d drop it in as it had an impact for me.


          Hi Neil,

          Love what Tess says and think it’s really important that we value our people for growing and getting better at what they do not necessarily always upwards.  Not sure of other technical terms in the HR world sorry, but maybe a marketing campaign would work with a slogan?  Siemens call it ‘My Growth’.  Deutsche Bank says “What will you learn today?”, Nielson ‘Ready to Rotate – meaning I’m ready for a new challenge. J&J ‘learning is not optional’.

          What do you think?


            Hi Neil,

            Not sure if there is a more common term, but we do use “in role development plans”, which may (or may not) result in a pay rise when objectives/milestones are achieved. This keeps people motivated, knowing they are working towards something, but it doesn’t have to be a promotion to a more senior role.

            I agree, sometimes people can be too focused on “vertical” career progression up the ladder, rather than expanding their skills/remit “horizontally”.

            Kind Regards, Elinor


              Thanks all,

              This is the next phase in the talent journey for us. It started with vertical movement and now we are looking to get employees to grow in their role and not just solely focus on the next level up in the structure.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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