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Feedback from engagement surveys and discussion groups

Feedback from engagement surveys and discussion groups

Posted: 26th November 2019

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      Hi. Thought I posted a question here but it didn’t show up in the thread so trying again, hope it doesn’t get posted twice, sorry if it does. My question was whether you know any good examples of companies who give feedback to employees really well on the results of and action points from engagement surveys or employee committees/forums. Hope my question makes sense? Love the set up here btw. Thank you


        Hi Kate

        Thanks for the question. I’d suggest the following companies do this stuff really well – for different reasons

        Belron – ask a simple question each week to a handful of employees eg: ‘how is work for you this week?’ and then the CEO makes reference to any themes in his weekly all staff email

        The Coop – have an on-going ‘colleague voice’ forum where they are able not just to give feedback on how they are feeling – but also to directly influence the design of new HR products and services

        Virgin Trains – have a regular pulse survey that show up in a real-time dashboard for their team – so they are able to own and act on trends around high stress or low engagement

        Our advice is to use a hybrid of feedback mechanisms – from simple ‘how are you feeling’ surveys to more probing qualtitive forums. Also key is to get the data and insights direct to line managers quickly so it’s not owned by HR.

        Hope this helps!




          Thank you so much Lucy, I’ll look up all of these. I was more interested in creative ways to ‘feedback on the feedback’ to employees  How employers present the results of the feedback and any action points back to employees in ways that are a bit more creative than your typical all-staff presentation / town hall.  I will look up all of these though, particularly the Belron one, and thank you very much. Kate

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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