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Feedback culture

Feedback culture

Posted: 19th March 2021

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      Hi HR Disruptive community,
      I was wondering if anyone has ideas or insights on how to build a genuine feedback culture?


        I would recommend starting small and building on it. We use a system called Culture Amp and they have a performance module which includes anytime feedback. Start with qualitative feedback and give people examples of what good looks like, they need to know why this is beneficial and then you can link it back to their learning and development and start to reinforce your values through feedback.


          Something that has been really successful for us is an employee feedback committee which used to meet quarterly but over the pandemic has met monthly.  We picked our most emotionally intelligent junior employees to run it, and they are tasked with holding townhalls / feedback groups with employees to get feedback, and then feeding it back to us in a constructive and solution driven way.  Our basic premise with this group is that there can be no complaining without some alternative proposals that are sensible, well thought through and practical for the business, if they don’t have any solutions then they would be told to go away and come back when they do, but to-date that hasn’t happened.


            Thank you, Kate and Sam for sharing


              We use Culture amp too and it is great for being able to analyse data and create good outcomes.



                Hi Karina,

                We use ClearReview for our continuous performance management and within that it has a feedback function which is used across the teams.  You can give feedback to any employee and as an employee you can also request feedback, either just because you would like some, or when you have completed an objective the system will prompt you to ask for feedback about how you have done.  You can also send a request to an external person, this we use where people are working with colleagues in our parent company. We have been using the system for over 3 years now and whilst it was a slow burn, it is now embedded in our way of working. We also have peer to peer recognition within our employee hub, which is run by a company called Peoplevalue, where our teams can publicly recognise each other.

                Hope that helps 🙂


                  Hi all, thanks for sharing! We currently use Flashbrand as a voluntary tool for feedback but want to focus on the feedback rather than tool. We don’t have  high utilization today and have some work to do on our culture. Karina, you say it’s embedded after 3 years (great – Congrats!). How do you measure your continuous feedback? from usage of tool, pulse surveys or others? Thank you!


                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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