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Examples of holocratic businesses

Examples of holocratic businesses

Posted: 1st May 2020

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    Does anyone have any experience of working in/with holocratic businesses or has researched this approach and would be happy to have a chat to discuss further?
    Thank you!


    Hello Hannah,

    I hope some of our members can help.

    Zappos is obviously famous for implementing Holocracy, but they now use it to manage ‘work’ rather than ‘people’.   You can also see here the disadvantages of their approach.

    There is a list of companies adopting Holocracy here which might help your research.

    In my opinion, Holocracy can fail when it becomes ‘another process’ to implement rather than a focus on the principles behind it which is probably just a more progressive work environment.

    I would start with “What is the outcome you want and why is it important?  Then you can work out if Holocracy is the right solution or if there are different ways you can get there without the label.

    Here are some examples

    • Accountability and self-development encouraged
    • Leader as a coach/regular human conversations with team members
    • Agile project teams – goals set together, rewarded as a team
    • More internal movement
    • No special treatment (no car parking space, special corner office etc.. )
    • Transparency over everything – pay, reward, communications etc..
    • Trust your people and leaders to do the right thing (remove rules and barriers that get in the way of them doing a great job)
    • Introduce peer to peer recognition

    I hope that is of some use!


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    Really helpful, many thanks Karen.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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