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Evaluating Values & Behaviours in Performance Management

Evaluating Values & Behaviours in Performance Management

Posted: 14th April 2021

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      Hi everyone,
      I hope you’re all well!

      I’m working on refreshing our Performance Management process and as part of this refresh, the management team would like me to include a way in which we can measure our employees’ performance against our new Values and Behaviours framework.

      Does anyone have any insight/experience on this?

      Best wishes, Sarah


        Hi Sarah,

        I have some information on this – can you send me your email address and I can send you through some workshop material that we have from when we made this change also.


        Noleen (




          I am in the same place as Sarah right now with making a big switch in how we handle performance management and would appreciate any insight you have to offer. Do you mind if I also contact you?

          Thank you!

          Erinn Richardson



            Noleen, I would also really appreciate you sharing your experience in this area. It’s something that we want to do but not sure how to measure performance again values.

            Any information you have would be great. Thanks.


              Hi can I jump on the bandwagon. We are the same having just reaffirmed our purpose and values as an organisation we are keen to ensure we use it to drive the right behaviours and performance. I would love anything you can share. Thanks

              Rachel (


                Hi Noleen,

                That would be wonderful, thank you SO much! I am just writing you an email, but so you have it, it is

                Best wishes, Sarah


                  Hi Ellie,

                  Could you please share your email address?




                    No problem Erinn – please do –


                      Thanks Noleen. My email address is


                        Hi All, we did similar a few years ago – we are still rolling out and embedding this but ultimately we introduced a set of ‘success Factors’ that helped describe our values in action.  We have completely refreshed our PM process to a future facing, employee owned process which has gone down well.  The primary focus being feedback and having a great conversation about performance more regularly.  One step in the process is to score against our success factors…this year we plan to integrate the outcomes of this into our talent grid. happy to share anything even though its early days for us.


                          Interesting discussion! It might be worth getting your leadership teams to reflect on the validity of assessments of performance and behaviour by managers. As Marcus Buckingham puts it, our ability to rate another person objectively and consistently is fundamentally flawed. It’s worth watching this quick video where he explains I think the question you want to ask is whether your PM system is about assessing performance or enhancing it? If it’s the latter (and it will be for most of us) then it’s better to focus in having great conversations rather than elaborate assessment mechanisms?


                            Hi Noleen – really sorry, but if you could send some stuff over to me as well, that would be fabulous! Hope I can be of use to you as well!



                              Hi Noleen, It seems there are number of us looking to do this. I’m looking to embed our behaviours further into our business and one of the ways will be within performance management and also feedback. Please could we connect on this further as I would like to understand how you did this so that they become measurable alongside objectives? Thanks Louise


                                If anyone would like me to share anything we have introduced to embed behaviours values, and feedback do drop me a note.  it has been transformational for our culture and now being led by our leadership team, exactly how it should be. My  email is if anyone wants to have a chat about it.

                              Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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