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Employer brand problem?

Employer brand problem?

Posted: 27th September 2021

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      Hi all,

      We are going through a challenging recruitment period specifically for our technical roles (health and safety).
      We have revamped our careers page, and driven a linkedin campaign using certain employees who have prestigious technical qualifications with the idea they will add gravitas to our approach.
      Our talent team for a while now have said they di get poor feedback form this market about us aa an employee and we incentivised our technical employees with a referral scheme (instant reward for a Linkedin post) but e have zero response.
      Our careers page traffic has increased by 300% but no one is applying!
      Has anyone been in this situation before and have any advice?
      Many thanks!


        Sounds like the campaign itself is a success in many ways particularly with the increased traffic. I wonder if its what they see when they click through is the issue? eg: JD/PS, advert, T&Cs. Do you have any lived experience you can share with potential applicants (testimonials written, verbal, filmed) from current employees who can share with the audience ‘what’s in it for them’ if they apply? Do you have direct access/point of contact for anyone to get it touch – in this competitive world it seems like convenience is key – so anything you can do to be personal/accessible I think may help. Hope this is useful, will watch the responses with interest (as I suspect you are not alone with these challenges)! Sally



          Hi Catherine, you’ve got some great suggestions from Sally already! Our ‘resource of the week’ is a post on ‘Building your Employment Brand’, so I’m leaving the link to it here. Hopefully a combination of some of these suggestions should help get your applications pouring in! Good luck and keep us posted on how you get on.


            Hi Catherine, I am in a similar situation with technical hard to fill roles and I am having to do a lot more headhunting than I have ever done.  I have a good rate of success by doing this and we have got some great candidates.  It’s amazing how many people you contact that actually can be tempted.  It is time consuming but worth it.  We are also starting to do employee interviews linking it to roles we are recruiting for to help candidates see what it would be like to work for us.

            Good luck, recruitment is tough at the moment.



          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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